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Nettle Fiber Grounding Foot Inserts

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Protect your body from the ground up with our plant-based,chemical-free Bare Sole Inserts. Up to 65% of what we place next to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream (Birth Control or Nicoderm patches anyone?!)- this includes toxic synthetic chemicals used in fiber and dye production that are found in most shoes.

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An ancient concept, but a modern idea called "earthing" is based upon the "recent" discovery that connection to the earth's natural energy is foundational for true health. Most of us don't have the ability to walk around with our shoes off all day, but these Bare Sole Inserts can help. Unadulterated by a traditional production process, these inserts facilitate the transfer of energy from the wild Himalayan nettle plants to the bottoms of your feet. 

Bare Sole Inserts are thin and are made to place inside your everyday shoe. They are not constructed for structural support, but rather are meant to act as a barrier between your body and any toxic chemicals that your shoes may contain.

There is a slim cushion made from wool grown humanely in Oregon to give you a little extra comfort. Our signature copper spiral is intentionally placed underneath what is referred to in Chinese Medicine as your "Kidney 1" point in order to synergize your body's natural energy with that of the nettle fiber. 

Made by hand from wildcrafted nettle fiber in the Himalayas. Creating a beneficial social and environmental impact at every step of creation from the soil to your body.

10% of every purchase is returned to the women's collective to support their initiatives in preserving this tradition. To follow our impact, click here.

Wear Your Medicine™


  • No Chemicals
  • No Synthetic Dyes
  • 100% Natural Fiber that is Hand Harvested, Hand Spun, Hand woven in Nepal
  • Ethically sourced natural wool from Oregon
  • Domestically sourced and crafted copper spiral from Arizona
  • Hand Dyed in Seattle, WA
  • Sewn in Portland, OR 
  • Hand wash cold and air dry out of direct sunlight only
  • Unisex EUR sizing