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Nettle fabric is the most beautiful, functional, and sustainable natural fiber clothing on the planet.


Once you learn about the 7 major benefits of nettle fabric, you’ll want this incredible natural fiber clothing in your wardrobe.

In short: if you like well-made and beautiful clothing, natural medicine, and making a positive social impact, you’ll love wearing nettle fabric.

Keep reading to discover just how much there is to love about this wildgrown, eco-friendly clothing material.

1. Nettle Fabric Is Natural

When I wear nettle clothing, I feel more connected to the calming effects of nature.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mary Wutz.

I love wearing natural fiber clothing because it feels better. I also prefer to wear vegan clothing whenever possible because it is better for the planet.

With these strong standards, I struggled for years trying to find clothing that was all natural and well made. The result was that I often wore scratchy hemp and other natural fiber clothing that itched and irritated me.

Until I was traveling in the Himalayas and came across a beautiful nettle fabric shawl made by women in a village. This shawl was so beautifully made and also highly functional– it quickly became like my second skin.

I realized that this natural fiber didn’t just look great: Like magic, the nettle fabric kept me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. (Nettle fibers have a hollow core which naturally regulates temperature.)

Plus, unlike scratchier natural fiber clothing options out there, the nettle fabric became much softer with wear and lasts for years as a main staple wardrobe accessory.

While nettle softens over time, it can be a bit prickly to the skin on first wear when the fabric is new. I recommend softening the fabric first with a simple coconut oil wash by following the instructions here.

I’ll soon be releasing new apparel in a linen and nettle blend that is even softer and more comfortable thanks to the addition of the linen fiber.

Mary Wutz

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2. Nettle Fabric Clothing Is Beautiful

You know the exciting feeling when you pick up a gorgeous piece of clothing and instantly feel its quality?

Nettle clothing gives me that feeling every time I touch it. It’s one of the reasons I started my own vegan clothing line, Seam Siren, so that you can experience it too.

Nettle fabric is functional, durable, and weaves together to create a luminous cloth that is truly unique. The plant produces the longest plant fibers in the world which is what gives the fabric its durability. When it comes to fiber length, longer plant fibers result in easier to process, more even, and stronger yarns.

Nettle is especially beautiful because of its inherent natural quality and the traditional process with which it’s made (more on that below).

When I first set my eyes on nettle fabric, I thought is nettle not the most beautiful natural fiber clothing material? What do you think?

3. Natural Fiber Clothing Made from Nettle Supports Women

natural fiber clothing

An alarming article from Forbes reported on how “fast fashion” that most people wear is “a disaster for women and the environment.”

When it comes to the environmental impact, It takes 2,720 liters of water to make one T-shirt, which equates to 3 years of drinking water for one person.

The primary cotton producing countries, China and India, are already facing water shortages. This creates the choice between continuing cotton production or securing clean drinking water.

In terms of the disastrous impact of the textile industry on women, Of the 75 million people who manufacture clothing in countries across the globe, more than 80% are women and young girls under the age of 18.

A majority of these women and young girls earn less than $3 per day, working an average of 14 hours straight in brutal sweatshop conditions.

When it comes to Nepal, about 85% of the 23 million people that live in rural areas don’t have many financial opportunities.

In the remote villages at the foothills of Nepal’s Himalayas, women produce fabric by hand from naturally wild-growing nettle plants.

Despite the fact that it can help economic development, nettle fabric (and natural fiber clothing in general) is still rarely used in the fashion industry.

The good news is this: You can make an impact supporting Nepalese women thrive by purchasing nettle fabric clothing from Seam Siren.

We donate 10% of sales from each item purchased to villagers who belong to Himalayan Women’s Nettle Collectives.

Out of the sustainable clothing brands that do exist, Seam Siren’s nettle fabric clothing aids in making an even bigger social and environmental impact by supporting the Nepalese women who produce it.

4.Nettle Fabric Clothing Is Non-Toxic & Chemical Free

Did you know that your skin absorbs toxic chemicals from your clothing? They enter the bloodstream through the skin and travel to every organ in your body. Yikes.

Even absorbing a small amount of the 8,000 different toxic chemicals in clothing is harmful. They’ve been linked to infertility, respiratory diseases, skin conditions, and cancer.

Protect your health by seeking out natural fiber clothing brands that offer chemical free clothing. Doing so is preventive against diseases linked to hazardous compounds in clothes.

With natural dyed nettle clothing, botanical colors are added with no risk to your health.

Natural nettle is a beautiful tan shade, but it can be colored with other botanical dyes. For example, red dye from Madder Root, yellow from the Weld plant, and blue from natural Indigo.

The deeply healing nature of nettle extends to color therapy.

Do you know which color frequency is best for you? If not, take our COMPLIMENTARY assessment!

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natural fiber clothing
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natural fiber clothing
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5.Nettle Fabric Is Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Can you believe it? Before starting Seam Siren, I had no idea that the textile industry is second only to the oil industry in creating the world’s pollution.

Pesticides used in farming, toxic dyes, and the natural resources used to harvest, process, manufacture, and ship clothing all harm our planet.

Not to mention the billions of tons of discarded clothing each year. Yep, this is happening every moment of every day all over the world.

Himalayan stinging nettle fabric, on the other hand, is perfectly sustainable. Here’s why:

1. Nettle can fend for itself without cultivation, growing tall (up to 11 feet!) and abundantly in the wild.

2. Nettle fabric production doesn’t cause pollution (or harm farmer health) and doesn’t depend on pesticides and fertilizers.

3. Nettle uses less precious resources by being harvested each year from the same natural plot.

4. Nettle absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and places it into long-term soil storage.

What else? Harvesting nettle keeps the roots intact. These roots stabilize the soil, helping to prevent landslides in a mountainous region that is prone to them.

Clearly, natural fiber clothing from nettle is way more sustainable.

6. Nettle Fabric Is Healing Clothing

You may have heard of people drinking nettle tea or using nettle salve on their skin.

Well, nettle fabric is a healing clothing material unlike any other. Nettle is known as nature’s multivitamin.

Why? It’s naturally rich in a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals.

On top of that, nettle is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

This means you can actually WEAR YOUR MEDICINE. (Remember how your skin absorbs compounds into the bloodstream?)

Here’s how else nettle fabric heals:

Sensitive Skin:

Nettle is one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin. A Penn State University College of Medicine study found that nettle can be a natural treatment for eczema when consumed or worn thanks to the plant’s anti inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

That makes nettle the best clothing for eczema and psoriasis sufferers!

Allergy Relief:

Allergy sufferers: as a natural antihistamine, wearing nettle can help you fight against seasonal allergies by affecting key allergen receptors and enzymes.


Nettle also makes great non-toxic clothing to support autoimmune disorders thanks to its innate healing qualities and its freedom from harmful chemicals that interrupt the body’s processes.

Honestly, with all these astounding natural properties, why wouldn’t more of us be wearing nettle? That’s why I call nettle fabric “healing clothing.”

7. Natural Nettle Clothing Surrounds You With a Higher Healing Frequency

Everything has an energetic signature: including the fibers and dyes in clothing.

Our ancestors knew that the pure frequencies found within nature have the ability to facilitate healing within our physical bodies.

Nettle clothing fills you with a sense of well being and reduces the stress caused by modern life.

Nettle fabric is one of the most resonant clothing textiles available to us, yet so many people are missing out on the benefits.

Now you know all about the pure magic of natural fiber clothing made from nettle fabric.

...and there are so many ways you can use it! From gorgeous clothing, to bags, yoga mats, body cloths, and even nettle foot inserts!

You can experience nettle’s healing benefits and reduce harm to your body and the planet when you wear it. Let’s not forget the added bonus of supporting women’s livelihood in Nepal.

What are the best sustainable clothing brands to trust for nettle fabric? In my experience, before founding Seam Siren there were not many vegan fashion brands out there that made high-quality natural fiber clothing...

That’s why Seam Siren is born of my passion to create the most sustainable, organic, natural fiber clothing.

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The high-vibration nettle clothing and accessories that we offer are designed to be healing first and foremost. Hence our slogan: Wear Your Medicine

We know that replacing every article of clothing in your closet with natural fiber clothing isn’t practical (but we wish everyone could). We suggest starting with at least one nettle staple piece that can be mixed and matched with your daily outfits.

Right now, we have a limited stock of vibrant Himalayan nettle bags, accessories, and shawls in four plant-dyed color shades from our partnership with Himalayan Women’s Nettle Collectives.

Sign up to our email list now and we’ll send you a 10% off coupon so that you can start living with a deeper connection to nettle today.

Are you ready to connect to nature’s vibrations and discover the pure joy of wearing natural nettle clothing?


P.S. Remember, once the current stock is gone, we will create new yet different (but just as wonderful) nettle apparel.