"When I wear this nettle scarf the very first thing I have to admit the very first thing I notice is the beauty. Even before knowing it was nettle I was just like oh my god that’s so beautiful. On a very surface level knowing that I’m wearing something that’s made from the plants makes me feel good, but on a very deep level I do think it’s very protective."

Rosemary Gladstar

Herblist, Author, and Thought Leader

"I have been doing energy work for over 70 years and still suffer with the “healer, heal thyself” problem. The nettles scarf has been an amazing aid for that affliction which mainly affects my lungs (4th Chakra) wearing it reduces the coughing and speeds up the lung healing process. I keep it with me at all times."

Robert Black

Moari Healer

"I have been wearing my nettle scarf for over a year and I LOVE it.  I have a whole rack of scarves but I wear my Seam Siren scarf more than all of the others combined.  What makes it so special is that it feels more alive and activated than my other clothing. I often wear it when I see clients because it's energetically protective and supportive, it looks beautiful, and it feels wonderful! I attribute the uniqueness of the scarves to the nettles themselves, the amazing people who created them, and the beautiful design. I'm so grateful that Seam Siren is bringing her beautifully activated clothing to the world!"

Tamara Newmoon

Psychic and Healer

"The process that goes into making these beautiful scarves is ancient and pure. When I wear the scarf, I not only feel connected to the past, but to the community that makes each individual piece. Wearing this piece never fails to make me feel grounded as well as beautiful."


Quilter, Mother, and Gardener

"My Seam Siren nettle scarf is without a doubt one of my favorite pieces of clothing. When I wear it, it feels like I am giving myself a gift- and that the earth is giving me a gift too. I can feel that it has been made with the highest level of integrity, care, thoughtfulness and above all- heart. Thank you, Mary, for creating clothing that sings."

Boo Chaison

Artist & Massage Therapist

"I adore my nettles scarf and it is a fixture for all my travel and at other points I basically live in it. Thank you Seam Siren for this gift!"

Luke W.


"I received my energizing nettle shawl as a gift and it quickly became a much-loved staple. I have many scarves, but found myself reaching for this one again and again. Little else in my wardrobe gives me the same sense of comfort and protection (not to mention the beauty of the woven pattern and richness of color). This hand-crafted piece is the perfect antidote to a world full of soulless fast fashion. You can feel that it was made with love."

Kate McKenna

"I literally never travel without this (nettle shawl). It makes me feel so safe on the plane-- cocooned in my own energy fortress."


Actress, Model, Philanthropist