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Healing People & The Planet Together

Seam Siren is Committed to Life Thriving

Through our plant-based collections, we create products with integrity that are aligned not only with the well -being of the planet, but also have curative properties for the wearer.

All of it starts in Nepal.

Women of the Sankhuwasabha District of Nepal walk to the hillsides to collect and gather the nettle fibers used to produce our clothing.

The giant stinging nettle (girardinida diversifolia) harvesting begins at the end of the rainy season. That’s November to February in the eastern part of the Himalayas.

The fibers are then wrapped and stored in dried bundles called khi, or are processed while still lush.

We at Seam Siren are on a mission to bring more attention to the fact that the clothes we wear have a large impact on not just ourselves but the world as a whole.

The lush fibers are boiled on the evening fire with water and wood ash in order to separate the rest of the bark from the fibers more easily.

In the morning, the fibers are beaten and washed to remove any remaining plant matter.

The Allo is then put in baskets and walked back to the village on the heads of the women. They’re then hung to dry.

While hanging the fibers are coated in micaceous clay to keep them from sticking together. This makes the fibers easier to separate during the spinning process.

Before the spinning process can begin, the clay wrapped fibers have to be beaten again with a stick to separate them out.

The dry fibers are then put between the toe on one end and on the other wrapped under and around the arm. Under pressure the fibers are then pulled apart.

The fiber is wrapped around the waist of the spinner who uses a hand spindle to spin the fibers. This process often takes place while the fibers are being walked by women to the village to be processed. Even during resting periods, the fiber is still worked on.

Once back at the village the women use hand made looms to create the fabrics used in our clothing lines. It’s then packaged and shipped to our facility.

When we receive the fabrics, we then start to work on cutting and sewing together the pieces. The product comes to us clean and natural. So we continue this process by only using a facility that dyes the cloth with non-toxic and biodegradable plant dyes.

We keep our product on location until you place your order. From there we process your order with care by packaging it carefully, double checking shipping information and send it on its way to your home.

You will receive your purchased items within a few days and can feel comfortable knowing that it really was made with love and care just for you.

Once the fiber is processed and woven in the villages, it is collected and shipped to a production house in the US where it is cut and sewn with love and care.

What about helping the women of Nepal? We’re glad you asked.

10% of all proceeds are collected into a fund that is then returned to the workers to help improve their lives. This is done through a fund that helps build structures, provides food and education.

To date we have raised nearly $8,000 to give back to the women! You can help us raise even more with your purchase.

Transparency is what keeps us accountable to our customers. At Seam Siren, this is incredibly important to us.

Our earth is in crisis due to widespread environmental degradation, runaway corporate malfeasance and the unfair treatment of workers worldwide.

Nowhere is this unraveling more prevalent than in the industry of fashion.

Our supply chain efficiencies recognize social justice, environmental sustainability and indigenous wisdom. Our plant based products help heal both the industry and the individual.

We are working diligently to heal the industry and the natives of Nepal. What about you though? We’re glad you asked.

Up to 65% of what we place next to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. This includes toxic synthetic chemicals used in fiber and dye production.

Take our Grounding Foot Inserts for example. An ancient concept, but a modern idea called "earthing" is based upon the "recent" discovery that connection to the earth's natural energy is foundational for true health.

They are thin and are made to place inside your everyday shoe. They are not constructed for structural support, but rather are meant to act as a barrier between your body and any toxic chemicals that your shoes may contain.

At Seam Siren we are very passionate about healing of the mind, body and spirit. We want to share more of that with you next!