Why Use Plant-Based Fibers?

Your skin absorbs up to 65% of what is put on it and there are currently over 8,000 chemicals used in clothes manufacturing with direct access to your bloodstream through the dermis.

Many of these chemicals have been linked to serious diseases including cancer. When tight fitting, synthetic, upcycled or chemically processed fiber is worn, it not only impedes the skin's natural ability to sweat out toxins (up to one-one and a half pounds per day), but it also creates a direct pathway of entry for those chemicals into the body. Wearing plant-based fibers creates a sense of expansiveness in the body that cannot be achieved through synthetic or upcycled materials.

Plant-based-fibers like nettle, flax and hemp can be processed without chemicals if done in a traditional manner. These fiber plants can also be cultivated for fiber, food, medicine, and habitat that actually sequester carbon from the atmosphere and put it into long-term soil carbon storage. When crafted in areas where they have a coevolutionary history with humans, these fibers can also help to keep important cultural knowledge and identity in tact.

Seam Siren is fiercely committed to purity in every layer of the company from our plant-based care labels to chemical-free fibers. We have made a commitment to create relationships with the communities that both harvest the fiber from the wild, and those that are growing our fibers organically. We are proud to stand confidently behind terms like, “organic”, “sustainable”, “plant-based”, “wildcrafted” and “chemical-free”, knowing in our hearts that we are operating from a place of transparency and integrity.

Wild Himalayan Nettle

Wild Himalayan Nettle is the purest fiber available on the market due to its remote growing range and absence of chemicals in all layers of creation. Nettle Fiber is both antimicrobial and hypoallergenic as well as being highly regarded as medicinal in both Eastern and Western cultures. Additionally, it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and places it into long-term soil storage making it a truly eco-friendly fiber.

Wildcrafted nettle fabric is absorbent, breathable, and temperature regulating. It is fortifying due to the medicinal properties inherent in the plant, and is known as nature’s multivitamin – rich in a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals.

As a plant ally nettle is strengthening and protective making it beneficial for most everyone. Grounding us through its origin in the Himalayas, nettle fiber is helpful in reducing stress caused by modern distractions and stimulus making it among the most resonate clothing textiles available to us.

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