About Us

Our Mission

Seam Siren’s mission is to bring awareness to the historical use, importance and efficacy of medicinal clothing. We source the purest botanical ingredients available for each aspect of our creations. Additionally we support and preserve the ancient wisdom traditions by which our company is inspired. The company was envisioned in February of 2012 by founder Mary Wutz, and launched March 21, 2015 at Charleston Fashion Week in Charleston, SC.

"For a solution to be truly sustainable and good it must have a positive return to the environment and society. At the heart of any design problem is a question: Are we trying to make something less bad or are we trying to make things better?"

Eric Wicks - Artist, Designer, Strategist


We truly believe our products are vehicles for healing. It is because of this we aim to lead by example in the fashion industry by establishing a level of purity and integrity in the market that our customers can truly trust.


You deserve to know the ingredients and lifecycles of the things you buy. From harvesting to finished product, we believe in full disclosure. Follow the journey of our creations and find out the who, what, how, why, and where for each element of our collection.


Everything has an energetic signature including the things we wear and use. From the material it is made from, to the dyes it is colored with, to the intentions of the hands that make it. This is why we are so fiercely committed to creating the purest accessories and clothing on the market.


In all aspects of our business, we learn from cultures that existed long before us and their ways of working in tune with the rhythms of nature to create health and harmony in the world around them. It is by honoring this wisdom that we hope to preserve, celebrate and share it with future generations.

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