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Nettle & Organic Cotton Fiber Fortifying Sweatshirt

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East Meets West with this beautifully designed sweatshirt made from jersey-knit organic cotton and wildcrafted nettle fiber from Nepal. Sleeves are made with hand-knit nettle fiber design carefully layered on top of organic cotton sleeves. 

10% of every purchase is returned to the women's collective to support their initiatives in preserving this tradition. To follow our impact, click here.

The nettle yarn is 100% wildcrafted and processed with no chemicals in harmony with nature. Nettle is an ancient fiber that protects, fortifies and nurtures the spirit. The Nepalese villagers revere the fiber for its anti-histamine properties.


**The fibers become softer with wear and wash. To soften on your own, hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Add a small amount of coconut oil to the water. Click here for more info.