Women's Nettle (Allo) Collective Update

Women's Nettle (Allo) Collective Update

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Last month I traveled back to Nepal with a few members of my team to visit the women’s nettle collective where we source our beautiful knit shawls and fiber. The aim of this trip was to present the collective with new designs for ponchos and shawls and to get an update on the needs of the collective to help facilitate their revenue growth.

Our new designs were designed exclusively for us by Gordana Gehlhausen. She is best known as the winner of Project Runway: Season 6. Gordana generously offered her amazing talent to Seam Siren so that she could support us in supporting the women of Nepal combine their knitting skills with modern patterns that would be more on trend in the current fashion industry.

The women were thrilled with the new patterns. During the course of our visit we were able to discuss timelines and prices for the new designs. We hope to be able to offer these on our web site within a few months.

During our visit, we also learned that the collective has been working with an NGO from the U.K. They have been overseeing and funding a project that focuses on allowing the collective to increase productivity through the use of a spinning machine. The Seam Siren team was able to collaborate on this project by helping the collective come up with a budget and ways in which they may garner government support to buy land and construct a building to house this machine.

Although every part of the 14-step process from harvesting the Nettle to spinning or weaving the thread is currently done by hand, the women have expressed interest in finding a way that would allow them to focus on the knitting and weaving over the spinning, as this the spinning of the thread is the process that takes them the longest. From the perspective of the collective, this piece of their production model is preventing them from being able to meet an increasing demand for their products.

We will continue to work closely with the collective over the next year to get them the government support they need and additional monetary resources from the sales of our line for them to achieve their dream of introducing a spinning machine to their current production model. Stay tuned....


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