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What are micro plastics and why are they affecting our health?

What are micro plastics and why are they affecting our health?

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Microbeads, recently banned in the US, are a better-known variety of microplastic, but recent studies have found microfibers to be even more pervasive. Microfibers are essentially microscopic pieces of plastic, just like the microbeads you find in cosmetics.

Microfibers make up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines around the world according to 2011 research from the University of New South Whales, Australia.

Why is this relevant?

Every time you do laundry, you're contributing to this number and ultimately poisoning yourself and the environment.

According to an article in The Guardian, "One piece of clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash
Once our clothes reach a washing machine, the synthetic fabrics release tiny strands: so-called microfibers. Every time you run your washing machine, hundreds of thousands of microfibers are flushed down the drain. Many reach beaches and oceans where they can remain for hundreds of years.

Swallowed by fish and other sealife, microplastic travels up the food chain, where they end up on our plates."

To understand more on this topic, check out the following articles from Greenpeace and The Guardian

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