Upcoming Event 11/11: Fibershed's Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium 2017

Upcoming Event 11/11: Fibershed's Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium 2017

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We are excited to announce that we will be a part of Fibershed's Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium on November 11, 2017, Nature's Resilience, in Point Reyes Station, CA from 9:30a.m. to 5p.m. At the Dance Palace.

Our founder, Mary Wutz, will be sharing her experience with nettle processing and production as a panelist on the "Bast Fibers & Blends: Solutions to Pollutions" discussion along with Mary Pettis Sarley of Twirl, Lydia Wendt of California Cloth Foundry, Sandy Fisher of the Chico Flax Project, and John Lupien of Bastcore.

This year’s Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium will provide education to the general public about how current textile systems are impacting our health, water, carbon and genetic life and how the replication of decentralized, regional, transparent, and regeneratively produced Fibershed soil-to-skin value chains are a direct alternative to existing industrial models and the havoc these systems have imparted on our personal and global ecology...

In addition to the panel discussion, there will be hands-on demos for Spinning, Weaving, Shearing, Wool-classing, Angora rabbit displays, Natural Dyes, Felting, Flax and more.

Additional talks will be given on Ocean Health, Classical Plant Breeding, Chemical Tracking of Synthetic Compounds in Consumer Products, Enhancing & Enriching our Soil-to-Soil System, The high cost of effluent, and Internalizing cost.

Seam Siren will have a vending table set up with our beautiful nettle fiber shawls available for purchase along with many other amazing vendors in the symposium marketplace including A Verb For Keeping Warm, Myrrhia Fine Knitwear, Vreseis Ltd, Lani's Lana, Bo-Rage Yarns & Designs, Bodega Pastures, Ewe & Me 2 Ranch, Alpaca Shire, Double Diamond Alpacas, Red Creek Farm, Wild Oat Hollow, HIJK, Summer Sequoia, Kirabo Pastures, Downhome Handspun Fibers, Menagerie Hill Ranch,Warner Mountain Weavers, Black Oak Canyon Ranch, Meridian Jacobs, Sheep to Shop, Fiber Confections, Chico Flax Project, Twirl, 2Nfrom, Starbuck Station Wools, and more! 

Join us in celebrating the power of community & plants! Click HERE for e-tickets and more information on the event.

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