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Transparent Supply Chains in the Fashion Industry

Transparent Supply Chains in the Fashion Industry

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“It’s clear that consumers are willing to pay more to know that their clothing wasn’t made by unethical or exploitative means”

In the fashion industry, the supply chain from creating the fiber to a finished product hitting the shelves is a very long and very complex process. Most big retailers source their products overseas, employing underaged workers, in unsafe factories for minimal compensation. Most consumers are completely unaware of where and how their clothes are being made.

Fast fashion retailers rely on cheap labor in order to keep their prices low and to maintain the level of merchandise they produce. According to the Do Something nonprofit women make up 85%- 90% of labor in sweatshops and that  an estimated 160 million children are employed by sweatshops. These unsafe working conditions have resulted in factories collapsing, injuring and even killing thousands of employees. After the the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh killing 1,129 people, you would think stricter standards would be enforced.

If sweatshop employees received double the salary, it would only increase the product price by 1.8%. According to a study done by the Political Economy Research Institute, customers are willing to pay 15% more if they are aware their clothes aren’t produced in sweatshops. Consumers are becoming more aware of what is happening in the fashion industry and they’re putting in the effort to support companies with transparent supply chains.

When large companies begin to see a change in their market share they will be forced to evolve sustainably and ethically.

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