This Was the Year Sustainable Fashion Got Sexy

This Was the Year Sustainable Fashion Got Sexy

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"Remember this time last year, when we couldn’t wait for 2016 to end and half-joked that it was the worst year ever? Let’s just say we spoke too soon. This was arguably a worse year across the board, but here’s the silver lining: 2017 also became a stage for certain causes to shine, including sustainability in fashion, which is the second-most polluting industry in the world. Maybe it’s the looming threat of climate change, which seems bleaker by the day, or the fact that people, in general, are demanding more information in every part of their lives, from the crackpot administration to the stuff they’re spending money on.

Until a few years ago, sustainability rarely came up in the greater fashion conversation, but in 2017, you’d be an outlier if you weren’t paying attention. Some designers have given their production cycles a rethink, others are reducing their carbon footprint, and some made the switch from real fur to faux. Add to that the technological advancements we’ve seen this year and a brand-new approach to shopping, and the future of fashion is really, truly looking brighter."


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