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The Climate Issue Filling Up Your Closet

The Climate Issue Filling Up Your Closet

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Disposable clothes, often made from oil, in factories powered by coal, and shipped around the world, mean that the apparel industry contributes 10% of global emissions.

That's a lot.

At Seam Siren, everything we make is from one of the cleanest fibers in the world-nettle. Our products are completely chemical free, plant-based, and compostable.

Maxine Bedat of Zady writes on FastCo.Exist that in light of "U.S. election results and the prospects of the next American president’s rejection of the Paris agreement, it is critical, now more than ever before, to focus on something nonfederal, like fashion. It might be one of the only climate fronts we can effectively tackle in a Trump administration....

Given the void here, it’s time to discuss exactly what is at stake. Today, more than 150 billion new articles of clothing are produced annually. People don’t keep their clothing anymore; it is no longer owned, it is just consumed. They wear and discard it quickly.

That’s fast fashion and it’s ruining our planet. Clothes have become like plastic bottles or plastic bags. We use them and throw them away. We produce a throwaway wardrobe for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Every single year..."

Read the full article on FastCo.Exist.

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