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Ah, how nice it is to get home from a long day of work, kick your shoes off, and take a deep breath of clean air… or is it? Your air is likely guilty of having at least a few (if not all) of these volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which, according to the EPA, are up to 10 times higher in concentration indoors than outdoor

Purify Your Home with Plants!

We consider ourselves, and you, dear reader, to be pretty well-read in the healing powers of plants – wearing them, eating them, drinking them… but do you know how beneficial...
Flower baths are a ritual or religious practice used in many cultures to heal with plants by purifying and clearing energies. This practice was introduced to me during my first immersion in Peruvian herbalismo in the Amazonian Rainforest about ten years ago. Since that time, I’ve learned slight variations in the practice and purpose of bathing this way from Caribbean, Hawaiian, and Ecuadorian cultures.

DIY: Spring Equinox Flower Bath

Strength for New Beginnings Cleansing Flower Bath: One of my most favorite ways of wearing my medicine is through floral bathing. Flower baths are a ritual or religious practice used in...
Japanese Wild Rose, Moon & Venus

Japanese Wild Rose, Moon & Venus

In some alchemical herbal traditions, specific plants are associated with specific planets based on their shared characteristics. Although I don’t subscribe to any one tradition, I do take what resonates...
Thyme for Strength and Courage

Thyme for Strength and Courage

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a well-known and beloved kitchen herb with a myriad of uses. It has been used since ancient times as a medicinal herb that supports the immune,...