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Ah, how nice it is to get home from a long day of work, kick your shoes off, and take a deep breath of clean air… or is it? Your air is likely guilty of having at least a few (if not all) of these volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which, according to the EPA, are up to 10 times higher in concentration indoors than outdoor

Purify Your Home with Plants!

We consider ourselves, and you, dear reader, to be pretty well-read in the healing powers of plants – wearing them, eating them, drinking them… but do you know how beneficial...
Geomancy: if we listen, nature speaks to us

Geomancy: if we listen, nature speaks to us

A few weeks back, we featured Marguerite on our podcast, an East Coast turned West Coast plant aficionado who has been an urban farmer, school garden teacher and Alba Botanical...