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Your breath is the only thing that’s with you from the moment you are born until the moment you die – that is, in itself, pretty powerful. Proper breathing makes life easier and more enjoyable overall – it releases tension, reduces anxiety, promotes physical health, and can even aid physical pain. Transformational breathwork takes proper breathing to another level entirely.

Transformational Breathwork: what is it, and how is it so powerful?

Transformational breathwork On this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Rager, Transformational Breath Practitioner, about how something as simple as breathing create healing in the body –...
Nettle, the Best Alternative for Cotton

Nettle, the Best Alternative for Cotton

“But still more interesting, to my mind, is an even more common and no less reviled plant, the nettle.”     John-Paul Flintoff is a man from Britain who has learned...