Sorghum Husks For Natural Dye

Sorghum Husks For Natural Dye

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The first time I experienced sorghum was during my early gluten-free days while I was still trying to fit in with my fresh out of college twenty-something friends drinking beer. It came in a cool green pint glass bottle from England and I was grateful to have found something that didn't make me sick, but tasted great. 

Fast forward ten years:  While scrolling my Facebook feed, sorghum came back into my life once again, but this time as a possibility for a plant-based natural dye- something that fit my current interests! 

"Sorghum is a cereal grain used for food in some countries, but in the United States it is commonly used as livestock feed and turned into ethanol. Sorghum is also a major source for making liquor... The husks contain a dark natural color that can be used as a colorant."

To read about the research that is being done by one Nebraska researcher, Yiqi Yang, click here. "The Charles Bessey Professor of biological systems engineering and of textiles, merchandising and fashion design is using wool to start his research, but hopes that in the future sorghum can be used on other textiles and throughout many industries."

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