Sea Salt For Clearing Energy

Sea Salt For Clearing Energy

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Out of all the tools on my “spiritual tool belt”, salt is my “go to” for Spiritual Hygiene. There is nothing like a dip in the ocean, a good hot soak in a bath to cleanse my energy. While traveling I am never without a salt scrub or salt spray for the same purpose. Salt remedies are a simple but powerful spiritual remedy to counteract negative energies and drain them out of our system.

There are many different healing traditions that view salt as an essential element in clearing energy. This “negative” energy can be felt physically as lethargy, fuzzy thinking, negative repeating thoughts, anger or any extreme emotion, stress, or any form of physical illness. After using a salt remedy, people report feeling clean, clear and calm.

Because our own energy field is constantly taking in and giving out vibrations, the surrounding energies that we come into contact with will affect our own energy. This includes negative energy from other people sometimes directed towards us, but sometimes it can still be picked up if it isn’t directed at us, but we are in a weakened state (especially at a spiritual level). When this happens we leave ourselves open to “attack” from physical beings, but also unseen energies on the spiritual plane.

Salt can also be used to clean spaces as well. One of the more “far out” uses I learned comes from one of my shamanic teachers. It is used to rid unwanted energy in the form of spirits. I was on a two-week dieta (a practice in Amazonian shamanism where one builds a relationship with a specific plant preferably in isolation with no outside influences) and extremely “open”. In order to be removed from the grind, I was staying in an old farmhouse alone, except that I wasn’t’ really alone. When I become uncomfortable with my house guest(s) even though I sent them good wishes and asked them to leave, I decided to reach out for support. My teacher told me to take a frying pan, fill it with salt (so that it’s about an inch or so deep and covers the whole bottom of the plan), pour moonshine or Everclear over it (just enough to get it wet), and then light it on fire. She explained that this created an energetic “vacuum” that would “suck” the energies out of the space. I was a little apprehensive, but did as I was instructed and lit the salt on fire. I held the handle with an oven mitt (as it does get hot), and walked around the house with the intention of clearing the energies. It created the most amazingly beautiful blue flame that rose only an inch or so over the salt. When the alcohol had burned off, I was left with what looked like a hardened “salt cake” that easily fell out of the pan when I dumped it outside. What I can say is that after this ritual, I didn’t feel the presence of spirits anymore.

Now, for the more practical stuff:

Not only does salt cleanse your auric field, but it also detoxes your body on the cellular level by drawing toxins and heavy metals from the tissues. This effect can be enhanced when baking soda and Epsom salt are also added to the water.

As you may know, our skin is our largest organ of detoxification and can also absorb things (good and bad). The essential trace minerals your body needs (Pink Himalayan Salt or any color of Hawaiian Sea Salt is good for this intention) are absorbed through the skin to enhance your health. Various skin conditions can also be helped as bacteria and other debris are drawn from the surface, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated. Using Epsom Salts in your bath can help to relieve muscular aches and pains as well as sore joints and circulation is increased which has a variety of health benefits.

Salt has amazing energetic and physical properties and I hope that you two find some benefit from using this amazing tool. We would love to hear about any ways in which you use salt. Please share with us in the comments below!


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