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Plants can see, hear, smell, and- respond!

Plants can see, hear, smell, and- respond!

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"We are more plant-like than we would like to think...

For example, despite lacking eyes, plants such as Arabidopsis possess at least 11 types of photoreceptor, compared to our measly four. This means that, in a way, their vision is more complex than ours. Plants have different priorities, and their sensory systems reflect this. As Chamovitz points out in his book: "light for a plant is much more than a signal; light is food."

So while plants face many of the same challenges as animals, their sensory requirements are equally shaped by the things that distinguish them. "The rootedness of plants – the fact that they are unmoving – means they actually have to be much more aware of their environment than you or I do," says Chamovitz.

To fully appreciate how plants perceive the world, it is important that scientists and the wider public appreciate them for what they are."

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