Plant Based Production Reaching the Toy Industry

Plant Based Production Reaching the Toy Industry

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When thinking of plastics that pollute the earth, the first things that come to mind are usually plastic water bottles and straws. Something that might surprise you is that toys are a huge problem when it comes to pollution. LEGO in particular is making strides towards making their company more sustainable. LEGO is eliminating their use of conventional plastics throughout their entire supply chain; they are beginning to change by building their famous blocks using sugar cane. Now they will still be using plastic, but all of the plastic will be sugar cane based and almost identical feeling and looking to the existing blocks.

LEGO company is one of the most popular toy companies around the world and it’s been reported to produce up to 400 billion plastic LEGO pieces as of 2009. After analysis on the negative impact that this has on the environment, LEGO invested $165 million in sustainable material research. LEGO has already managed to power 100% of its production and operations by renewable energy and they are vowing to become a zero waste company by 2030.

Nicely done LEGO!

Photo from LEGO

For more information about LEGO and their sustainable improvements visit LEGO Will Start Selling Sustainable, Plant-Based Blocks This Year  

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