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Now Trending in Fashion? Health & Wellness

Now Trending in Fashion? Health & Wellness

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According to Business of Fashion, “Feeling good is the new looking good.”

"That was the mantra in the air on December 3, as entrepreneurs from the fields of health and wellness including Jason Wachob, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Dr. Nigma Talib and Neil Grimmer took the stage at VOICES, BoF’s new annual gathering for big thinkers.

Wachob, the founder and chief executive of mindbodygreen, said there was a big opportunity in the health and wellness space for traditional fashion and luxury companies.

It is a view shared by fellow panellist Dr. Nigma Talib, a naturopathic doctor to a number of A-list clients. 'What I find is that the new fashion is now health and wellness,' she said, speaking alongside Bacon, the founder of Moon Juice, and Grimmer, the founder and chief executive officer of Habit, a start-up that offers DNA-personalised meal plans.

'People want experiences, they want to feel transformed — not to continue to collect more clutter or more things,' said Talib."

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