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New Moon in Virgo & Red Ginger: Get Your Groove Back

New Moon in Virgo & Red Ginger: Get Your Groove Back

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It’s always a pleasant (and often a very funny) surprise to see which plant is going to make itself known as an ally for a particular moon. Plants definitely have a sense of humor! As I sat down to get into my writing & meditation flow, I decided to try a new Pandora Station. Seemingly out of nowhere, I got “Buena Vista Social Club” in my head. Now, I’ve definitely heard of the group, but have never tuned into their station on Pandora. So, I sat down, closed my eyes, listened to the cuban beats and a huge smile surfaced on my face as Ginger salsa-ed into my awareness.  

Ginger is a very bold, energetic, and seductive lady. She is a spicy mover and shaker. She gets the party started and likes to be the center of attention. Even her Latin name (Zingiber) is sassy!

She is a plant who helps get things moving in the body. The essence of ginger returns the spark, passion, and pleasure to our physical bodies and reawakens our experience of the sensual. She looks us straight in the eye, points her finger at us, and shows us how to bring our sexy back through movement. Zingiber reminds us of the deep pleasure that comes with presence and experiencing pleasure in our physical bodies.

The energetic of this plant compliments the energy of the Virgo New Moon nicely. Virgo is an Earth sign, which invites us to be in and of the material world-to be in our bodies. It is also a sign that is about purity of personal integrity and intentions…a sign that keeps us organized, efficient and in productivity mode. 

Every new moon has the potential for a new beginning, but it’s extra important to make sure the intentions we set on this one align with our highest values and ideals of how we show up in this world. Ginger is here to support us in getting back into our bodies; to create inspired movement in a forward direction by inviting us to ask the questions: Who are we now? Who are we becoming? What version of ourselves to we want to offer the world? And what practical steps can we take in the physical plane to get there?

To connect with the intelligence of ginger, try using a image of her as your cell phone or computer picture background. Infusing your water with a few slices of ginger root or adding the spice to your next meal are also ways to invite her into your experience.

May The Plants Be With You!

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