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New Moon in Pisces, March 6th (and you)

New Moon in Pisces, March 6th (and you)

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A new moon is when the sun and moon are conjunct – the moon is pitch black, drawing inward and recharging its batteries to rev up for the 30-day cycle to come. You, like the moon, can take advantage of this drawn-in reflection period by aligning your actions within the next 30 days with the astral alignments of the sky. A sextile is when the planets are in a compatible and harmonious position – they’re working together, while a square is when the planets are incompatible – they’re basically in a tug-of-war. Squares are not a good time to make decisions regarding the planets/signs involved, while sextiles are.

The new moon is the time to set intentions for the 28 days ahead and reflect on what’s transpired prior. Let’s see what the planets have in store for you for this cycle:

New Moon in Pisces

On March 6th, the new moon moves into Pisces to join Neptune, also leading us right into the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019. Pisces is a water sign whose energy exudes spirituality, creativity, and connection with higher self and higher realms. Neptune is the water planet of dreams, intuition, psychic ability, and imagination: Neptune’s influence essentially puts Pisces’ intuitive and higher powers on spiritual steroids.

Pisces will have your creativity and intuition flowing – this is the time to pursue your creative endeavors, as the moon’s position is in sextile to Mars in Taurus, which will ensure that your creative pursuits lead to stability in the form of monetary gain. Read the books in that new subject you bought a few months ago but haven’t gotten to, take that class that you’ve been wanting to try, set a time aside for yourself to start writing more…

A caveat on Neptune: the sun conjunct Neptune increases your empathy and intuition, but also heightens sensitivity. If you’re a high-feeing empath, especially given that Mercury is entering retrograde, you must protect yourself by setting the boundaries so you are not drained by anyone’s energy.

The Sextiles:

Sextile: Mars in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign, known for its stability, particularly in the home and for finances. Mars is strong and bold, full of desire and drive. The Pisces new moon sextiles with Mars in Taurus, so all this intuitive and creative energy you’re getting from Pisces will be led by Mars in Taurus and converted into tangible, practical returns that will provide support and stability.  

Think of this time as a creative download – what artistic or creative pursuits have you been thinking about getting involved in, but haven’t? This doesn’t need to be painting or writing – it can be teaching a course, creating art, forming a business – anything. This is the best time to start whatever your intuition is calling to, as you have a strong Mars in Taurus to assure that you’ll be successful in your pursuits. Not a creative bone in your body? That’s fine too. This is the time to tackle those big-ticket items on your to-do list or projects at work that you simply haven’t had the gumption to do.

Sextile: Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the planet of structure and security, while Capricorn is an earth sign that brings even more grounding to the table. Saturn in Capricorn provides a sense of purpose and mastery – this lends even more stability to your Mars in Taurus solitude, and urges you to reflect on what you have mastered or learned in the past few months.

Use Saturn in Capricorn to build on the skills, creativity, and intuition that the Pisces new moon brings you, and incorporate it into the confidence and strength of Mars in Taurus. Think of this planetary position as a time to inventory what you’ve learned and what you’ve earned and allow yourself to maintain confidence in your intuition and your skills. How will you bring your gifts to the table for others? Doing so will not only benefit others, it will also benefit your financial security.

Allow Pisces’ ideas of wonder and amazement to be turned into tangible items that will fill others with a sense of awe. Don’t view it as something you are creating and selling, but rather as an ability or skill that you’ve been blessed with. By sharing you are benefiting everyone, yourself included. 

The Squares

Square: Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter represents luck and expansion, while Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, travel, and discovery. The new moon squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius will inspire you to discover the many new things that call to you. Be wary of potentially spreading yourself too thin. Listen to your intuition to follow the creative pursuits that call to you, without letting extraneous influences get in the way.

Jupiter and Sagittarius together generate and form your sense of self and thirst for knowledge. Your beliefs and how they’re formed generate here. When imbalanced, your ego will tap in and you’ll experience self-centeredness and opinionated mindsets. However, if you use this square to your advantage, your introspection will radiate higher. Tap into the compassionate energy of Pisces to make the most of what Jupiter in Sagittarius has to offer you – evaluate your beliefs and how they’ve formed in the past. What did you believe as a child? In your teens? In your 20s? Now?

If you feel tension when you explore these beliefs, let it go – remember, the new moon is about new beginnings. Watch your thoughts, but do not allow them to cloud your judgements. Use retrograde to remind you to wade slowly through the waters of your mind.

Semisquare: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, and energy – like Jupiter, it’ll want you to chase after the novel or unexpected to fulfill your creative pursuits – but use this to your advantage. Since it’s in Taurus, you have another force working with you to ground into stability and financial growth. Just remember to let your connection to Neptune & Pisces’ higher power lead the way.

Awareness: Mercury Retrograde

Your creativity, spirituality, and imagination are alive, but beware of the jumbling in communication that Mercury retrograde often causes. Pisces, as a water sign, is flowing, but it’s also known for ruling the hidden and unseen – be mindful of whom you trust, honoring your intuition above all. If something seems off, take your time digesting it – mercury retrograde is a blessing in disguise, as it forces you to slow down and evaluate instead of jumping right into things. Don’t make hasty decisions or business partnerships until the retrograde is over.

Since Pisces is creative and free-flowing, you may experience difficulty in honoring the boundaries that you need for proper self-care; don’t feel as though you need to please everyone. You cannot pour from an empty cup – you must shield your energetic field during retrograde as to not allow the retrograde to influence your intuition.

To benefit from Mercury’s immersion into Pisces, keep an open and steady mind: call to light any prejudices or misconceptions you may have – whether it’s about yourself, a loved one, or your work. Challenge yourself to address the people or situations that you may find yourself at odds with, and consider allowing Pisces and Venus’s creative energy to find alternative solutions for a higher good.

Making the Pisces New Moon Work for You

The sun and moon conjunct in Neptune promote growth beyond the human realm, while Pisces energy, as the last sign in astrology, is about endings and release. Allow access to the divine to guide you to what is time to let go of – are there things you’ve been carrying that have felt too heavy? It’s time to let them go. Are there tensions or struggles between you and others? Perhaps it’s time to compassionately end them.

All the seeds you plant and the introspection you experience in this moon will grow to culmination on the March 20th full moon – the last supermoon of the year, which also marks the start of the spring equinox (it’s the first time in 40 years that the full moon will happen on the same day as the spring equinox!). This full moon will enter Libra – a peaceful and diplomatic sign that will reinforce all that you brought to light through your deliberate and creative introspection during the new moon.

Pisces is a return to higher energy and spiritual growth – allow your practices during this new moon to harness this divine power and surrender any energy that no longer serves you.

New moon mantra: “I have the power to remove all that no longer aligns with me. I trust my intuition to guide my creative pursuits to radiant joy and stability for myself and theworld around me.”

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