Love Cactus (Seticereus icosagonus)

Love Cactus (Seticereus icosagonus)

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Full Moon Flower Essence Support:

Text based on, The Practitoner’s Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies by Clare G. Harvey:

This unique cactus is native to Peru & Ecuador. It has a strong effect on the second chakra (creativity) and helps us become conscious of our creative powers at all levels. It helps us to discover how to achieve balance between work and play and how to maintain integrity when dealing with others. It allows us to be more conscious of our sexual energy and provides stability and energy protection in this arena. The love cactus supports the union of the second chakra with the fourth chakra (sacral with the heart chakra) which helps us to learn about the balance of giving and receiving in relationships in order to achieve a perfect balance in relationships. On the spiritual level, it facilitates constant contact with our Higher Self.

Full Moon Love Cactus Affirmation: I enjoy love, my creativity and my happiness. My life is sunshine.



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