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June 17: Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius - what to expect

June 17: Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius - what to expect

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June 17 welcomes the Full Moon in Sagittarius,
which has taken a few names over the years.
As the last  full moon of the Spring season, it signals
the approaching Summer Solstice on June 21



Many names for 1 moon: Sagittarius Full Moon 

Name 1: Strawberry Moon
No - the moon will not be red. The name originated from the Algonquin tribe, who named the last full moon of the Spring season the Strawberry Moon after the strawberry being the first fruit harvested in summer; it marked the start of the relatively short strawberry harvesting season (so no, those strawberry fields really aren't forever).

Name 2: Honey Moon or Mead Moon
This name originated from Europeans as far back as the 1500's, when they would drink Mead to welcome the full moon and summer solstice. Mead is a drink created by fermenting honey and mixing it with water, consumed either alone or with fruits, hops, and spices added; it was a drink most common at the start of summer, as that is when the honey was "ripe" and ready for harvesting.

Name 3: Rose Moon   
Also of European origin, this name actually does refer to a rosy color of the moon - predominantly in higher latitudes. During and near the summer solstice, the sun appears at its highest point in the sky - so the full Moon opposing it appears lower. As a result (especially at higher latitudes), the full Moon nearest the summer solstice shines through more atmosphere than at other times of the year, making it appear red in some areas of viewing - similar to the way a rising sun appears to be red.


Summer Solstice:

June 21

The summer solstice marks the official start of summer, starting with the day with the longest amount of sunlight in the year (according to NASA, 14 hours, 53 minutes, and 41.2 seconds, to be exact)

What is the solstice? Solstice, in Latin, means "sun standing still" - a reference to how long the sun "stands still" in the sky on this day.

Spiritually, the summer solstice is all about returning to light, within ourselves and outside of us. We are literally bathed in the sun's light at its strongest power, giving us an opportunity to illuminate everything - consciously and subconsciously.  It is a symbol of how powerful life force can be - and a time to recognize your full potential, just like the sun's. 



how to embrace the strawberry moon 

Sagittarius energy...
Sag is a fire sign, ruled by the largest planet in our solar system: Jupiter. 
Always seeking knowledge and exploration, Sag can light up a room with their stories - because of everything they've explored, be it spiritually or geographically.  

Sag has a magnetic quality, easily attracting friends and lovers, and are often humorous, witty, and/or sarcastic. When out of hand, a sag can sound a bit arrogant. 

...and how to harness it:
This moon is a "friendly" one - you'll find yourself more easily navigating conversations, perhaps drawing new friends and/or lovers into your circle. You may be called to explore new horizons - mentally, emotionally, or geographically. At the same time, Sag's exploratory nature may have you feeling shackled in your relationships, needing to break free. Be patient and don't be brash. Remind yourself, with gratitude, of the value of your relationships.

Explore openly but cautiously; if a big choice calls to you (whether it's a costly trip to a foreign land or even something as big as a new home),   mull over it for at least a week before jumping right in. Sag may reveal new options to you that you never considered previously - but careful not to dive deep without taking a breath first!

Sag is all about freedom and choice, finding a way around anything that gets in its way. This is great energy for taking on a new project, or simply using as fuel to open up your spiritual channels to a higher and deeper level.

take it summery slow:
Summer is the season to take things slowly - I mean, if you take it too fast, your body will simply overheat. Treat this full moon energy with summery, sultry, slow patience. Since the Sag full moon opposes the sun in Gemini, there are many opportunities for miscommunication (along with many for great communication - don't discount that!), so you want to be sure to slow down to make sure you hear all the details and perceive all the sensations.

With all this fire energy abound, you may misunderstand or *subconsciously* ignore anything that doesn't serve the exact purpose you're exploring in the moment (ya know, since Sag doesn't like for anything to stand in its way...), so make sure to use the summer sun as a reminder to slow it down.



slown down, take a breath, and enjoy the fiery energy of Sag as the sun shines bright during these longer summer days


Speaking of taking a breath...

On this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Rager, Transformational Breath Practitioner, about how something as simple as breathing  can create healing in the body – on a mental, emotional, and physical cellular level.

According to leading Harvard brain researcher Dr. Hobson, the breath  is "the one physical link between the bottom up (involuntary; unconscious) and top down (voluntary; conscious) processes of the brain."

Your breath is the only thing that’s with you from the moment you are born until the moment you die – that is, in itself, pretty powerful. Proper breathing makes life easier and more enjoyable overall – it releases tension, reduces anxiety, promotes physical health, and can even aid physical pain. Transformational breathwork takes proper breathing to another level entirely; 

Learn more about the types of transformational breathwork on this week's blog post to provide some more background on all the great material Nicole discussed with us in our podcast.



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