How Natural Textile Dyes May Protect Health and Promote Environmental Sustainability

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"Most people never give a thought to how a piece of clothing was given its color. Unfortunately, if you don’t, you could unknowingly expose yourself to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. Fabric dyes are also a significant environmental concern, contributing to pollution — oftentimes in poorer countries with lax regulations on toxic chemicals to begin with."

- "Synthetic textile dyes may be a hidden source of endocrine disrupting chemicals that may impact your health and fertility

- There’s a slow-growing movement toward ancient holistic plant-based dyeing processes that addresses a number of concerns, including human and environmental health concerns, and societal welfare

- Up to 70 percent of the global use of dyes are azo dyes, which are among the most hazardous. Fibershed is a resource for creating safe, organic textile dyes using plant- and vegetable-based pigments"

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