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Hawaiian Brewery is Turning Trash into Fashion

Hawaiian Brewery is Turning Trash into Fashion

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The discussion of “recycled fashion” has been circling the industry for years, but recently companies have began creating entire collection from recycled materials. Adidas has made a tennis shoe created with plastic found in ocean, Mac Skid creates all of their underwear using plastic water bottles, and of course Patagonia creating fleece out of plastic. When thinking of recycled fashion, you automatically think the fashion industry, but Kona Brewing Company is changing that.

Kona Brewing Company is a Hawaiian based brewery that is committed to treating Mother Earth with respect. They brew their beer 100% sustainably, use solar energy in their facilities, and even use their leftover grains to bake with!

Every year the Hawaiian based brewing company hosts a fashion show showcasing garments made completely out of trash. Kona wanted to begin this fashion show to encourage people to begin picking up trash off of the beautiful Hawaiian beaches. The fashion show takes places annually at their Kona Brewers Festival which is focused on bringing people together and educating them on recycling and “trash talk.”

The Kona trash fashion show has inspired brewing companies all over the country to begin putting on festivals like theirs and encouraging their drinkers to be more environmentally conscious.


Photo from Talking Trash at the Kona Brewers Festival

Want to learn more about Kona Brewing Company and their festival? Visit Kona Brewers Festival  


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