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Gentian: Keeping the Faith

Gentian: Keeping the Faith

Posted by : Mary Wutz   /  

The new moon in Taurus on May 15, 2018 at 11:48a.m. UTC is a powerful time to connect to faith. Faith in our individual and collective abilities to change how we connect to the energy of abundance in our relationships, the planet, and this physical plane.

A plant energy that is all about connecting us to the energy of faith is Gentian. Gentian provides those who are discouraged or disheartened with their state of affairs or that of the world with encouragement and support in emerging out of doubt or stagnation.

The particular Gentian pictured, Gentiana amarella, grows predominantly in calcareous (lime) soils on dry, hilly pastures. It creates beauty and strength from less than perfect growing circumstances, which speaks to why it carries the energy of hope and faith. It allows us to see the perfection of being in seemingly imperfect circumstances while emerging exquisitely out of the depths and back onto the earth.

If you are unable to procure the flower essence of this plant, you may also connect to the healing energy of Gentian via a photograph. Placing an image of a plant or flower on the background of your phone or computer allows the essence of the plant to speak through its image.


Happy New Moon! May the Plants Be with You

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