Farming Fashion

Farming Fashion

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How the big boys of fashion are securing their reputation: buying their sourcing. Luxury Brands like Gucci are using vertical integration to safeguard the supply of expensive materials by acquiring farms of Merino Sheep, crocodile, alligator and python. 

“Vertical integration allows you to secure sources of precious materials and expertise that give you a competitive advantage, and it is also a way of marketing to convey to the customer that your products are unique and of superior quality,” says Mario Ortelli, head of the luxury goods sector at Sanford C. Bernstein.

This point of view makes business sense, but is it really coming from a place of integrity and transparency? Is this really a solution to the major issues the fashion industry is facing in terms of environmentally conscious sourcing and production? Or is it coming from businessmen who are looking to capitalize on the "trend" of sustainable fashion? Does the term “sustainable” really mean anything these days or is it just another marketing term that helps people sleep at night. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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