Fall Equinox Space Clearing with Copal, Archangel Michael & Grounding

Fall Equinox Space Clearing with Copal, Archangel Michael & Grounding

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A great way to prepare for a new shift in seasonal energy is to clean house: Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.

Removing clutter from corners, bookshelves or counters, collecting things for which you no longer have use, and giving your living space a deep physical cleaning is a beneficial way to be in the flow with the next wave of energy from the seasonal shift.

Energetically, many of us already know that burning sage is a great way to clear stagnant or unwanted energy from a physical space, but some other plants that I like to use (depending on the day) are Palo Santo, Frankincense and Copal.

Personally, I feel that using Copal Resin/sap has the deepest clean feeling to me. I reserve this resin/sap for seasonal shifts in energy or when I’ve had a really “dirty” houseguest. The resin that is used for burning comes from the Copal tree, which is native to central Mexico. These medicinal trees are sacred to the Mayas and were traditionally used for clearing the body of diseases and also to keep mosquitos away.

Another way I like to energetically clean is with the help of Archangel Michael. I simply close my eyes, ask Archangel Michael to clear any negative energies that are not of divine light and love from my house and auric field. I then visualize or sometimes actually see his periwinkle light engulfing the entire space of which I’m clearing, and sucking up any lower vibrating energies that do not have my highest good in intention kind of like a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, like the icing on a cake, I like to seal my space with a grounding prayer. For the last couple of years my favorite plant to work with in term of grounding energy is Cedar. I will inhale a few drops of Cedar, or place Cedar E.O. into my home diffusor and prayer to the spirit of cedar to ground my home and myself and help to keep my feet firming rooted into the earth. I then connect with the spirit of Cedar, or do meditation like the following from Nancy Levenson:

Invite your physical body to just drop into the earth – do it no matter where you are right now in this present moment.
Feel your connection to earth
Notice how the earth hugs you and has always been here to support you
Sense the wisdom of allowing yourself to surrender
Give over your impulse to control anything now and release to gravity
Look around in your imagination and try to see what surrendering looks like
How does the earth help support the image of surrendering you’ve created in the mind?
Can you see yourself lying on the earth’s surface?
Where are you on planet earth this very moment? 
See it fully in your mind’s eye.
Release yourself to her intelligence
What does that even mean for you?
How can the earth be intelligent?
What is intelligence after all?
Focus on your breathing and allow it to be natural.
And, as you lie here see small roots begin to release from your back and drop deep into the earth
With each breath now let these roots penetrate deeper and deeper into the earth’s surface
On each exhale feel the roots releasing from your back body slowly making their way through the crust of the earth
Surrender your roots to earth’s intelligence
Take your time to experience the penetrating depth of your roots
What comes to mind when you think of your own roots?
How does it feel?
Can you sense grounding and stability?
And in your mind’s eye look above you and imagine you can see a canopy of leaves protecting you.
Allow the mind to focus on the leaves, the shapes, the colors, the textures and surrender your mind too.
Imagine that your breath serves to feed the roots, your body the trunk of a tree, your mind, the branches and leaves, metaphors for the thoughts that exist from within.
And now fully surrender to earth’s intelligence and just rest here for a few moments.  
When you are ready, come back and see if you don’t rise up more rooted like a Tree.

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