End of Summer Update: New Products Coming!

End of Summer Update: New Products Coming!

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100% Natural & Chemical Free Yoga Towel & Mat

We’re so excited! Our Yoga Towel and Yoga Mat samples arrived this week! We are busy collecting feedback from our Yogi friends & family to ensure these products are the best they can possibly be before we release them out into the world. Both these products are 100% natural, chemical-free and compostable. The towel is 100% wildcrafted nettle fiber and organic cotton thread while the mats have an inner layer of organic wool from our sheep friends in Oregon and natural rubber treads on the bottom from the rubber tree.

These additions to the Seam Siren Collection were inspired by the desire to provide a product that was in alignment with the grounding and earthing principles of Yoga. Achieving these things with synthetic foam or rubber under the feet felt so counterintuitive. We aim to provide a truly natural base for Yogis when outdoor practice is not possible and to improve their ability to ground and earth in order to promote deeper restoration.


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