DIY: Flower crown

DIY: Flower crown

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In Hawai'i it is typical for someone celebrating a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, wedding...etc) to wear a crown of fresh exotic flowers woven into a haku lei, or head lei, called lei po'o. A true lei po'o is a rare art with a specific braiding/ twisting style. For simplicities sake, we'll focus on a easier DIY technique! Flower crowns are fitting for all types of events, and let's be honest, who doesn't love sporting fresh flowers and an occasional crown!?

Supplies needed: floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, greenery, and flowers! All of which can be picked up at your local craft store and foraged for!

Step 1: Prepare your foliage and flowers by stripping down leaves and cutting stems to 1.5- 2 inches. Gather small sprigs and tightly wrap their stems with floral tape creating many unique or uniform bundles. Be sure to hold the top of the wrap with one thumb while wrapping and moving up the stems with the other hand. Cut the floral tape. Pinch and seal to the wrapped stem! *Floral tape is self-sealing and will stick to itself and flower stems.



Step 2:  Now you must choose if you want the crown to be size adjustable (with a ribbon) or fixed and enclosed! *This may depend on whether you're making it for yourself or someone else! Measure around your head with craft wire (or a thicker hemp twine) and add 6 inches (20 - 22 inches should fit most people). Snip the wire and begin wrapping the first flower/foliage cluster 3 inches from the end, just below the petals. Securely bind the cluster to the wire/twine by pulling tight as you wrap.



Add the next cluster slightly overlapping the first until you've reached your desired length. 



Step 3: If you've chosen to close the crown without the adjustable option, tie off the two ends of wire/twine for a finished crown. If you want to add ribbon for an added flair and adjustability, simply snip the ends of the wire and tie 8 inches of ribbon to each end. Complete the crown by placing it on your head and tying the ribbon into a bow!




And there you have it! Option to add lavender and other aromatics for a scented crown! Happy crafting! ;)















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