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DIY: Flower Essences

DIY: Flower Essences

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Flower essences are the vibrational message of a flower transmitted to water by solarization or lunarization, and the water memorizes the vibrational resonance of the flower.

Materials Needed

  • A small glass bowl, which should be used only for essence making.
  • Fresh spring, or mountain stream, water collected in a glass container if possible. Do not use tap water as it is most likely full of fluoride etc. which can alter the essence’ energetics.
  • A funnel (a glass one if possible)
  • A dark glass bottle (125ml is a good size).
  • Organic grain alcohol (at least 40%, such as vodka).


Before picking the flowers, use your intuition to feel whether or not you have their permission. Personally I leave an offering for the plant in either the form of sacred tobacco, a song, or even just a prayer of gratitude and recognition for the flower’s medicine.

Flower essences are traditionally made on sunny days, as the sun’s rays shining through the flowers, which help to transmit the message to the water. This is known as solarization. However, I have found that making essences under the light or darkness of the moon still transmits the flower’s energy to the water in addition to the energetics of that particular moon.

  1. Fill the bowl with spring water and put it in the sun, preferably among the flowers the essence is being made from.

It is the vibrational imprint of the flowers that is going to be memorized by the water, not the vibrational imprint of the essence maker. In order to put the least possible of one’s own energy into the essence, consciously distance yourself from the action. By this, I mean, when collecting the flowers imagine you are just an instrument of the process. Try and remain neutral and leave your personal intentions out of the process. Try not to touch the flowers you are using either. I use a special pair of chopsticks and sometimes a pair of clean scissors depending on the flowers.

  1. Gently drop the flowers onto the surface of the water. This is not an infusion so they do not need to be immersed. Cover the surface of the water with flowers.

  2. Leave in the sun for at least two hours where there is no risk of shadows falling on the bowl.

  3. Come back to the bowl, and with the help of a couple of twigs or leaves or your chopsticks, (so not to touch the water) remove the flowers from the bowl.

  4. Using the glass funnel, pour the water into the glass bottle until it is half full. Fill the bottle to the top with the alcohol.

This is the “mother essence” or “mother tincture,’’ and it is from this bottle that the drops will be taken to make the “stock bottle.”

Once back inside, take seven drops from the mother tincture and put them into a bottle (20 ml. bottle).  Fill the bottle with alcohol. This is the stock bottle. It is from this bottle that the medicine is made. Put two to seven drops into a small dropper bottle and fill with alcohol. Label the bottle with the name of your flower and the date.  The essence is now ready for use.

To use, I recommend taking a couple of drops in water, or directly under the tongue, when you think about it, preferably as far away from meals as possible.

Many people carry the small dropper bottle with them at first and take the essences regularly. When they start to forget, it is usually because the essence has done its job, and there is less need for it. 

Hope you enjoy the magic that is flower-essence making! May the plants be with you!

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