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Detox Clothing and 5 Other Eco Friendly Ways to Purify Your Skin

Detox Clothing and 5 Other Eco Friendly Ways to Purify Your Skin

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We in the holistic community are beautifully aware of what we put into our bodies; the foods, the medicines, all the amazing natural substances that help us create our best selves. But what about what we put on to our bodies?

As a society, we are suffering greatly from a lack of consciousness surrounding what we put onto our skin. From the clothes we put on in the morning, to the sheets we wrap ourselves in at night, or even the towels we dry ourselves off with after a shower; our skin is being exposed to a wide variety of devastating fossil fuel products and synthetic substances.

When considering the ill effects our environment has on our system, we immediately consider the air our lungs are taking in, or the food our body is digesting. However, the skin is actually the most absorbent organ in the body. Your dermis connects directly to your bloodstream, which itself connects directly to the brain and organs. Your skin does not have a liver, digestive tract or kidneys to help filter out all those toxins. In short, what we wear could be wreaking the most devastating damage to our entire body system.

But the amazing thing about the human body is: it possesses a stunning ability to heal itself. There are many ways we can detox our skin and counterbalance all the damage agriculture products; fossil fuel derivatives and synthetic substances are having on our body.

  1. Cleanse your skin with natural products

Cleansing our skin is a natural part of the detoxification process. By removing built-up dirt and toxins, you are allowing your skin to rejuvenate itself in a stronger and healthier manner. When considering your cleanser, do your research; read all labels thoroughly to ensure you know the ingredients in your skincare.  Rule of thumb; if you can’t pronounce it, it’s most likely harmful to you. For gentle and safe cleansing, our top pick is any of the Evan Healy cleansers.

Cleansing properly is the first step in rejuvenating and detoxifying your skin, and yet so many skin care regimes are wrought with chemicals and sulfites that do anything but detoxify your skin.

  1. Detox your skin with a consistent steam treatment and dry brushing practice

Exposing yourself to steam is a natural, comfortable and soothing way to open your pores and allow those deep cleansers to do their work. By allowing your pores to breathe, you are in effect loosening the buildup of dirt which can lead to a deeper and more effective cleanse. Steaming also promotes circulation, which will help the detoxification process.

Similarly, consider an exfoliating bodycloth or dry brush through the practice of scrubbing down your skin with a natural and coarse texture. This practice has been proven to discard dead skin, allowing for healthy cells to rejuvenate in its place. Try our easy to wash Exfoliating Nettle Fiber Body Cloth for $12. Nettle fiber is great for skin detox. It is naturally antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, and an antihistamine.

  1. Naturally hydrate your skin

A hydrated system is a healthy system, so to properly detox; we need to ensure that our skin is not too dry. By bathing in lukewarm water, applying natural moisturizers or oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, milk thistle seed and rosehip oil, and introducing more moisture into our environment through the use of humidifiers, we can make significant gains in skin health. It is important to note that as we age, moisturizing our skin becomes more and more difficult and therefore we most counterbalance this effect with disciplined and consistent moisturizing techniques. For various price ranges we recommend Simplers Botanicals Personal Moisturizer at $18.89 or Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, starting at $65.

  1. Consider a sustainable diet

What we eat can have direct effects on our skin’s detoxification. By removing dairy products, fried foods, and process sugars, we can ensure that nothing stands in the way of the detoxing process. Consider instead introducing into your diet fresh fruits and vegetables like kale, bananas, and broccoli. The added water in these foods will also help aid the moisturizing process, furthering your detox.

  1. Wear plant-based, eco friendly fibers

Your skin absorbs up to 65% of what is put into it, and there are currently over 8,000 varieties of chemicals used to manufacture clothes (the process of manufacturing) even if they are labeled as organic. However, by opting for clothes engineered and manufactured with plant-based fibers, you can gently remove the ill effects of these chemicals over time. Fibers like nettle, flax, and hemp can all be processed without the aid of chemicals, and by introducing them into your wardrobe, you can significantly aid your skin’s detox.

When choosing your next outfit, consider wardrobes crafted by sustainable companies. There are a whole host of amazing organizations out there who have dedicated themselves to manufacturing clothes made of all natural fibers. These forms of natural fashion serve to soothe our skin while also carrying within them the DNA of regions of the world where our species once lived in greater harmony with our ecosystem.

When considering our skin, it is vital that we never ignore the tremendous impact our clothing has on our entire system. By following these detoxification steps and opting for all natural, chemical-free clothing we can take great strides in reducing the myriad of ill effects synthetic and fossil fuel-based products have been wreaking on our skin.

Here’s to happier, healthier and more natural skin.

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