Collaboration: Medicinal Clothing Meets Medicinal Jewelry

Collaboration: Medicinal Clothing Meets Medicinal Jewelry

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Working with like-minded artists and thought leaders has always been important to me. Not only has it been strategically advantageous in terms of resource sharing and building community awareness, but more importantly, a synergistic approach to creativity builds meaningful relationships and a sense of community that is important to mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

My very first collaboration began with local artists Phill Merkel and Paula Silta-aho, wonderful souls who share my belief in wearing medicine, however; their medicine comes in the form of jewelry while mine comes from clothing. Read more to learn about our synergy with wearable medicine below:


Phill Merkel and Paula Silta-aho:

Seam Siren’s custom copper spiral and stone jewelry used in our lifestyle shoots come from the extremely talented Phill Merkel and Paula Silta-aho. These local Maui jewelers combine their artistic skills to create each unique piece. Phill brings over 50 years of experience as a goldsmith and gemstone artist while Paula adds her skills with color and form from a background in clothing design.

Their jewelry is inspired by the mana, beauty and nature of Maui. They infuse these influences into to their creations with a conscious intention to harmonize, heal and balance the body. The custom designs utilize gemstones, precious metals, fossils, crystals, and ancient artifacts and embrace archetypal symbology, sacred geometry and the sense of Divine Presence in all creation.

If you are interesting in ordering a custom piece from Phill & Paula, please contact us here

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