Algae-filled living chandelier cleans your air

Algae-filled living chandelier cleans your air

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What a neat concept! 

"Lighting is an important component of any space: well-designed lighting creates a mood and brings life to a space. But what if that lighting fixture can also clean your air?

That's the clever idea behind this living chandelier by London-based designer and engineer Julian Melchiorri, as shown by Inhabitat. Called the Exhale Chandelier, the design consists of custom-made glass 'leaves' that are populated with green algae, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air, while simultaneously providing extra oxygen for you to breathe. It's kind of similar to an air-purifying houseplant, except that it's integrated into a gorgeously made light piece.

So far, the designer-engineer is exploring how synthetic biology, biomimicry and biomaterials might come together to help solve the sustainability crisis."

Read the full article here on treehugger!

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