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The Negative Impact of Fast Fashion

Posted by : Mary Wutz   /  

In a world with countless “wellness” brands popping up left and right, it is extremely difficult to tell whether or not a brand is manufacturing its goods with complete transparency. On the worst end, you have your fast fashion brands like H&M, Forever21, and Zara. These brands make their products quick, cheap and dirty. They often use over processed or synthetic fabrics, and dye their clothing with incredibly toxic chemicals that are then dumped into surrounding environments to the detriment of plants, animals, and even people who live nearby.

Even more personally, however, is the fact that these chemicals are still in our clothing when we put them directly on our skin. Less nefarious brands like Patagonia and Eileen Fisher promise better working conditions for their workers as well as more organic fibers used in their clothing, but the truth remains that neither is operating in a fully transparent or organic manner. Seam Siren seeks to fill this need for truly slow fashion and completely transparent manufacturing. You can breathe easy knowing that we have chosen the nettle fiber for its known therapeutic qualities, and have acquired it without any chemical processing.

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