How Plastics Are Affecting Your Reproductive Health

How Plastics Are Affecting Your Reproductive Health

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Plastic is about as unnatural as you can get, and unfortunately it is everywhere we look. From your child’s sippy cup to their clothes, BPA filled plastics are everywhere. Now you might ask, what is BPA? Well, it’s a chemical strengthener that is in nearly all plastics. Because of recent studies that suggest a link between BPA and accelerated puberty, many companies have switched to a new chemical- BPS. But as the acronym would suggest, scientists are now finding links between BPS and the very same thing - early puberty and a rise in both breast and prostate cancers.


In a study done at UCLA, scientist found that exposure to even minor levels of BPA and BPS caused the sexual organs of zebrafish to mature too quickly and cause premature birth and often death in the fish. This begs the question, if such minor exposure is affecting these fish, what could the massive exposure that humans experience - in our food containers, our contact lenses, our water supply pipes - really be doing to us?

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