Ayurvastra: Wearing Your Medicine

Ayurvastra: Wearing Your Medicine

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Ayurvastra is made up of two Sanskrit words: ayur—which means life, health, or longevity—and vastra or vastram—which means clothing.

Although this particular word does not appear in some of the more famous Ayurvedic texts, documentation of this process of using medicinal plants as dyes on natural fibers for curative properties is scattered about in ancient Vedic literature. 

Researchers in the Department of Pharmacology at the Government Ayurveda College found that patients who used bedding, rugs, and towels dyed with medicinal plants experienced relief in symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and even rheumatism. Given this outcome, the researchers proposed that possible effects beyond dermatological responses were likely. 

For more information on process, research, and history of Ayurvastra, please visit the article published in Herbalgram by our friends at The American Botanical Council's page

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