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Seam Siren Blog

Nettle Cake Recipe

This nettle moss cake is a Pacific Northwestern take on the Japanese tradition of “Hanami,” or tree-blossom observing. Mosses are among some of the oldest plants alive, and their constancy...

Nettle, the Best Alternative for Cotton

“But still more interesting, to my mind, is an even more common and no less reviled plant, the nettle.”     John-Paul Flintoff is a man from Britain who has learned...

DIY Natural Dyeing From Home

“A Good Source of Natural Dyeing Can be Found in Your Own Backyard” I’m sure while you’re in your backyard the last thing you think about is how you can...

Hawaiian Brewery is Turning Trash into Fashion

The discussion of “recycled fashion” has been circling the industry for years, but recently companies have began creating entire collection from recycled materials. Adidas has made a tennis shoe created...