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created from the purest fibers on earth
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dyed with the purest colors from plants
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Seam Siren Blog

Wear Your Medicine™: The Full Story

My journey with the concept of Medicinal Clothing started in February of 2012 in Iquitos, Peru during my first traditional Plant Dieta with a plant named Pinon Blanco. I had...

Sustainability: What Does it Really Mean?

Sustainability: what does it really mean? We hear “sustainable” tossed around a lot as a buzzword,similar to “organic” and “natural,” but what does it actually mean?  According to the US Environmental...

Spring Tea Tonic Recipe & New Moon

New Moon in Aries: Welcoming the New Energy April 5th welcomes the new moon into Aries, ending the Pisces new moon cycle. It’s the first new moon of the spring...

Spring Equinox: Replenish & Renew

You may find yourself with a bug to do some spring cleaning, even if you don’t generally love to clean. The equinox’s energy will ignite your need to purge mental...